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The Messengers 2

The movie starts with a woman running through the corn fields, running from an unseen foe, who manages to kill her. John Rollins the head of the Rollins family, struggles to save his farm and hold his family together. The corn fields are dying out because the irrigation system isn't working, and crows are eating the cobs out. John is on debt with the bank, and his friend, a financial adviser, is trying to convince him into selling the land, but it is later revealed that it's for his own convenience. One day John discovers a secret door in his barn, where he finds a strange scarecrow.
After placing a mysterious scarecrow in the field, the luck changes, but also gives a horrific curse that started it all. The scarecrow starts living, but also killing everyone who gets in its way. The film is a beginning from what happened first to the family before the Solomons. The Rollins survive this film. The family destroy the scarecrow and the film ends with the family leaving the barn.
the messengers 2

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